Climate Change Mitigation

KiribatiPhoto: Etika Rupeni/FSPI


The Climate Change Programme focuses on helping Pacific Island Countries build resilience to climate change, by using  renewable  energy  and  energy  efficiency  as  an  enabler  for  community  livelihoods  and  positive  environmental  outcomes by  positioning  nature  conservation  at  the  heart  of  community  and  country  responses  to  their  energy  needs, building on IUCN’s vision of a just world that values and conserves nature. In Oceania, the high dependency on imported petroleum fuels is taxing many Pacific island economies and increasing per capita contributions to climate change. Alleviating this burden and preventing negative impacts are the main drivers for climate change mitigation and risk reduction practices in the region. IUCN Oceania seeks to address these drivers while highlighting the value of ecosystems and nature-based solutions in building new and immediately deployable approaches to sustainable development.

The CCMRR programme aims to accelerate the transition to human practices that are ecologically sustainable, efficient, and socially equitable by:

  • Developing climate change mitigation and risk reduction demonstration projects;
  • Developing knowledge products and tools on best practices and the linkages between climate change mitigation practices and ecosystems; and
  • Supporting beneficiary countries in the development and implementation of environmentally sound, sustainable development policies and practices.