Water & Climate Change Programme

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Boats in Water in Tyre, Lebanon

Water is one of the most important natural resources particularly in the West Asia region, which is generally arid or semi-arid. It is vital for all living organisms and major ecosystems, as well as for human health, food security and economic development. Water scarcity is one of the most predominant issues facing this region. The shortage and conflict over water could become a significant threat to security in West Asia.

The Water and Climate Change Programme, in essence promotes good water and climate change governance in the region. It assists countries to strengthen their national capacities to revise existing and/or adopt new legal frameworks for the management of water resources in a sustainable manner and help manage nature resources.

This programme itself, directly contributes to the Global Water Programme; a world-wide effort of IUCN to implement a systemic approach to water management. This enables members in the region to benefit from the experience and expertise available worldwide.

Realizing the significance of sustainable management of natural resources in the region, it is important to strengthen the importance of climate change governance as part of water resource management and moreover stress that it is a cross-cutting factor in all ROWA programmes. Sharing knowledge and experience is an essential tool in development, our aim is to promote these topics throughout the region and provide a focal point for networking among researchers, experts, practitioners and other stakeholders with an interest in water resources and climate change.

This programme gives important attention to engage local communities in the planning and decision-making processes. At the same time all other relevant stakeholders are involved in a process of dialogue and concerted action. For this, the projects under this programme will importantly build on participatory planning and decision-making and the use of systemic approaches.

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Ali Hayajneh, The Programme Manager 



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