Sports for Nature Framework

The Sports for Nature Framework was created to tap into sports’ enormous potential to take on ambitious goals and drive positive change. The Framework aims to deliver transformative, nature positive action across sports by 2030 and beyond, enabling sports to champion nature and contribute to its protection and restoration.


The Framework supports sports to make contributions to nature and asks sports organisations to work towards four principles and linked goals that will help them advance their nature journey.

Principle 1

Protect nature and avoid damage to natural          habitats and       species

GOAL: Our organisation is committed to protecting and avoiding damage to natural habitats and species, including respecting protected areas.

Principle 2

Restore and regenerate nature wherever possible

GOAL: Our organisation takes positive action to restore and regenerate nature in and around the indoor and outdoor environments where we operate.

Principle 3

Understand and reduce risks to nature in your supply chains

GOAL: Our organisation will reduce risks to nature and enable opportunities to conserve and restore nature in our supply chains, linking wherever possible to climate goals.

Principle 4

Educate and inspire positive action for nature across and beyond sport

GOAL: Our organisation will educate and inspire greater awareness and action for nature within our sport and our wider communities and stakeholders.

Who can join? 

Any sport organisation – sport club, league, sport events’ organiser, local organising committee, governing body or Olympic Committee - of any size, level, sport, capacities or geography, which is ready to make measurable contributions for nature under the Framework’s four principles, is welcome to become a signatory.

Please contact the Sports for Nature team to check whether your organisation is eligible to become a signatory or if you wish to support this initiative in another way, for example, as a supporter.

Although individuals cannot become signatories, they are encouraged to work with signatories and potential signatories to help champion Sports for Nature.

How to join?

  • Write a short motivation statement (maximum 200 words) outlining why your organisation wants to join the Framework, what it would like to achieve and how the Sports for Nature team can support you.
  • Sign the Sports for Nature Declaration, which you can find on the last page of the Sports for Nature Framework. You are encouraged to have your top management/leadership sign on behalf of your organisation.
  • Send the signed Declaration and motivation statement to