Expert reviewers for nominations

IUCN aims to ensure the highest standards of technical evaluation by following a rigorous process and seeking input from a wide range of experts. Contributions to IUCN’s evaluations of nominated sites are welcome.

How can you contribute as an expert reviewer

Expert reviewers should either know the nominated site in question or be able to comment on its significance at the global level; should have some knowledge of the World Heritage Convention and preferably understand the criteria and the conditions of integrity for the inscription of a World Heritage site. 

If you are interested in providing comments on a particular nomination this year, please send an email to Clemens Küpper ( with the following information:

  • Name
  • Nationality
  • Name of nomination(s) you wish to comment on
  • Connection with the nominated site (e.g. visited, carried out research, know other similar sites, involved in preparation of nomination etc.)
  • Current position

Would you like to be included in the IUCN database of World Heritage experts to be contacted in future for similar input? If yes, please provide details of your fields and regions of expertise (e.g. biodiversity / South America or geomorphology / global)

We will then send you the appropriate documents to support your review.

Contributions to the IUCN evaluation process are highly valued and are taken into consideration by IUCN’s World Heritage Panel in making its recommendations to the World Heritage Committee. They will be treated in confidence and only made available to the IUCN evaluation team (IUCN’s field evaluator(s) and World Heritage Panel); your name will not be printed or communicated to third parties such as media.