Bog pimpernel is vulerable in the Netherlands

A show of plant personalities

From the flagship of a lost world long before the last great global climate change, to the lonely bachelor surviving only in gardens and greenhouses, plants whisper stories. Tales of cunning carnivores that lure innocent insects to a dreaded end and of stately palms, unequipped to move away from their imperilled comfort zone. Stirring life stories of plant species introduce visitors to the Amsterdam Botanic Garden, an IUCN Member, to a range of topical threats to the riches of Life on Earth: climate change, invasive species, habitat destruction, intensive agriculture and more. All these threats are illustrated by living examples of the stricken species. …  

02 Sep 2010 | News story

Tales of Water, Ecuador

Una sonrisa por la que vale la pena luchar

Quince años de experiencia en la mayoría de los campos laborales es un periodo después del cual muchas personas se sentirían aburridas y cansadas de la rutina diaria. Esto, sin embargo, no es algo que suela suceder si usted trabaja en conservación y ciertamente no es algo que suceda si se trata de Rocío Córdoba de la UICN. …   | English

01 Sep 2010 | News story