Juillet 2008

The Viet Nam delegate at the FLEGT Roundtable in China

Tại Bắc Kinh, các đại biểu đã chia sẻ nỗ lực của Việt Nam để thúc đẩy mậu dịch các sản phẩm gỗ hợp pháp và bền vững

IUCN Việt Nam tiếp tục là tổ chức đi đầu trong việc nâng cao nhận thức và thúc đẩy thể chế điều hành lâm nghiệp thông qua hỗ trợ xây dựng Kế hoạch Hành động FLEGT. …  

03 Jul 2008 | News story

Jean Wiener receives award

Director of IUCN’s only Haitian Member receives Whitley Award from Princess Anne

In May 2008, Jean Wiener, director of FoProBiM, Haiti’s only non-governmental marine conservation organization, was presented one of the world’s top prizes for grassroots nature conservation – a Whitley Award – for his work to protect his country’s coral reefs and mangrove forests. …  

03 Jul 2008 | News story

The Viet Nam delegate at the FLEGT Roundtable in China

In Beijing, Delegates Share Viet Nam’s Efforts to Facilitate Legal and Sustainable Wood Product Trade

IUCN Viet Nam continues to be a leader in raising awareness and facilitating the institution of improved forest governance through supporting the establishment of a FLEGT Action Plan.  …  

03 Jul 2008 | News story

Huanglong Scenic and Historic Interest Area, World Heritage site in China

Enhancing our Heritage

Natural World Heritage sites are formally recognized by the international community, under the framework of the World Heritage Convention as among the most outstanding intact ecosystems on Earth. It is critical that managers have the information needed to manage these sites effectively and that the global community has confidence that site values are being maintained. …  

02 Jul 2008 | News story