Transboundary water governance and diplomacy

Good transboundary water management is crucial for peace, security, economic development and environmental sustainability.

About transboundary water governance and diplomacy

Transboundary agreements are one thing. Mapping water security risks another. But it is tangible action and investment on the ground where transboundary water governance has impact, where the academic reasoning for transboundary dialogue translates into actual water security.

-- James Dalton, Head IUCN Water and Land Management Team 




transboundary river and lake basins worldwide and each one of these basins face different and unique environmental, social, economic and political challenges.



of the world’s transboundary river and lake basins lack any cooperative management framework.

What is transboundary water governance and diplomacy?

Fundamentally, the governance and management of water resources needs to be just as interconnected as the natural system itself, flowing from source to sea and integrating a rich diversity of landscapes, actors and processes.

-- Alejandro Iza, Head IUCN Environmental Law Team

The Buna, Velipoje Protected Landscape, Albania
Safeguarding the wetlands in the Buna delta

To celebrate the 2022 World Wetlands Day, the Living Buna project partners release two videos portraying the efforts of the local community to safeguard the wetlands in the Buna River delta in Albania.