People are central to IUCN’s Nature 2030 Programme. Nature’s contributions to people should be equitably shared, and all of humanity should be enabled to take informed, just and sustainable decisions.

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Injustice, inequality and unsustainable use of nature undermine human prosperity and conservation. Gender gaps block sustainable development, while indigenous peoples and environmental defenders face threats to their rights, cultures and environments. Youth lead calls to action but equitable and effective governance, the environmental rule of law, and enforcement of environmental obligations remain weak in much of the world. Nature’s many contributions to people are not yet adequately recognised by decision-makers.

Our ambition

A world in which a dynamic and inclusive conservation movement, effective and equitable natural resource governance, and the environmental rule of law and obligations protect and sustain healthy biodiversity while contributing to the realisation of human rights, social equity, gender equality, good health and well-being, prosperity, respect for the rights of nature, resilience to climate change, and a just transition to sustainability.

Impact Targets

Fully realised rights, roles, obligations and responsibilities to ensure just and inclusive conservation and sustainable use of nature.


Equitable and effective governance of natural resources at all levels to benefit people and nature.


Enhanced realisation and enforcement of the environmental rule of law.

Download Nature 2030: a programme for the Union 2021-2024

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