Climate change is harming societies, the natural world and the services that healthy nature provides. Through our Nature 2030 Programme, IUCN will continue to monitor the impacts of climate change, and guide the conservation and restoration of ecosystems to help mitigate it.


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Greenhouse gas emissions have risen over the past decade despite the current and future threat posed by climate change. Global average temperatures have risen by 1°C compared to pre-industrial levels and continue to rise. The impacts of climate change will worsen if the 1.5°C threshold is crossed, and will disproportionately affect countries, communities and peoples that are least able to adapt. Moreover, some proposed solutions to mitigate climate change could themselves further damage biodiversity.

Our Ambition

A world that limits temperature rise to 1.5°C through ambitious measures to mitigate climate change and enables effective adaptation in a changing world.

Impact Targets

Countries use Nature-based Solutions to scale up effective adaptation to the impacts of climate change.


Countries scale up Nature-based Solutions to reach climate mitigation targets.


Responses to climate change and its impacts are informed by scientific assessment and knowledge to avoid adverse outcomes for nature and people.


Other Nature 2030 priorities