IUCN Species Strategic Plan

The IUCN Species Strategic Plan encompasses the joint work of the Species Survival Commission as well as a number of partnerships.



new biodiversity 
assessments /reassessments.



in assessment tools, conservation planning,
conservation action and more.



conservation plans
to be developed.

This 2021-2025 IUCN Species Strategic Plan consists of more than 2,000 targets of the Species Conservation Cycle and Key Species Results.

Download the Species Strategic plan 2021-2025.

Targets overview

The main contribution of our network is centred around the Assess component of the Species Conservation Cycle, comprising 33.35% of all targets. These contributions correspond mainly to biodiversity assessments such as red listing and research activities. However, compared to the previous quadrennium, activities related to the Act component have increased from representing 11.7% of the total targets to 17.29%.
Established in the IUCN Species Strategic Plan 2017-2020

The Species Conservation Cycle is the conceptual framework for the Network activities. Its main purpose is to guide efforts for valuing and conserving biodiversity through three essential components that are linked to each other.

ASSESS: Understand and inform the world about the status and trends of biodiversity

PLAN: Develop collaborative, inclusive and science-based conservation strategies, plans and policies.

ACT: Convene and mobilise conservation actions to improve the status of biodiversity.

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Implementation requires two transversal components:

NETWORK: Enhance and support our immediate network and alliances to achieve our biodiversity targets.

COMMUNICATE: Drive strategic and targeted communications to enhance our conservation impact.