The George Rabb Award for Conservation Innovation

This award was created in honour of Dr George Rabb, Chair of SSC from 1989 to 1996, for outstanding innovation and creativity in species conservation in the context of the SSC.

The Dr George Rabb Award it is given to individuals in recognition of delivering transformational advances in conservation theory and practice. 

Recipients are decided by the SSC Steering Committee. Awards may be made at any time, but formal ceremonies will take place once an IUCN Quadrennium.

Award: Recipients each receive a prize of US $5,000 generously provided by Dr George Rabb.

Recipients 2019

Wendy Foden. In recognition of her innovative, dynamic and thoughtful leadership of SSC's work on climate change, especially for breaking new boundaries in the use of traits-based analyses and the IUCN SSC Guidelines for Assessing Species' Vulnerability to Climate Change.

Lisa Dabek. In recognition of her outstanding leadership and innovation in the conservation of one of the most overlooked groups of mammal species, the amazing tree kangaroos, and her over three decade commitment to conservation and local people in Papua New Guinea.

Recipients 2015

Mr Michael Hoffmann. In recognition of his leadership on developing novel means to measure the impact and success of conservation on a global scale, as well as his inspirational leadership of the IUCN Red List Committee, and his growing influence as one of the most articulate advocates for species conservation.

Dr Penny Langhammer. In recognition of her exceptional leadership in developing a consistent and scientifically robust global standard for identifying important sites for the persistence of biodiversity, drawing together multiple different stakeholders and scientific disciplines.

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