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MARPLASTICCs Outcomes Report 2021

A summary of the Marine Plastics and Coastal Communities project outcomes 2017-2021.

The Marine Plastics and Coastal Communities (MARPLASTICCs) project yielded 165 outcomes1, ranging from facilitating new national policies and action plans for managing plastic pollution, fostering national-level partnerships, and capacity building. All of these outcomes have contributed to achieving the project’s goals which were to:

• Assist governments and regional bodies in Africa and Asia to strengthen, develop and implement legislation and other measures, which reduce plastic pollution.
• Equip governments, industry and civil society with tools, knowledge, capacity and policy options to help close the plastic tap.
• Ensure that the full life cycle of plastics is taken into consideration, not just the impacts of downstream “marine litter”.

In 2021, the MARPLASTICCs team held two virtual outcome harvesting workshops which captured an additional 106 outcomes to the 59 outcomes collected in 2020. This report updates the overall results, noting that additional outcomes are likely to continue after the end of the project, particularly related to policy changes.