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IUCN introductory course on natural World Heritage

Are you interested in helping conserve the world’s most outstanding natural places? Join the IUCN Academy for a free online course to learn more about natural World Heritage sites and what makes them different from other types of protected areas.

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Photo: IUCN / Elena Osipova

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Through this course, you will build foundational knowledge of key concepts related to natural World Heritage sites and the mechanisms to conserve them. Together with the many available resources you will discover, this will help you become an informed and active supporter of World Heritage conservation.

The course is intended for anyone interested in developing their understanding of natural World Heritage, such as conservationists, protected areas practitioners, World Heritage site managers, States Parties, non-governmental organisations, Indigenous Peoples and local communities, the private sector and academia. No previous training or knowledge of World Heritage is required.

  • Fees: free
  • Registration: open for any participant registered at the IUCN Academy
  • Duration: 2-4 hours
  • Course includes: 4 modules, 3 quizzes
  • Languages: English

Natural World Heritage sites represent some of the planet’s most precious natural areas, which the international community commits to protecting for present and future generations. Celebrated and prized by humanity as a whole, they are designated as places of “Outstanding Universal Value” under the World Heritage Convention. Natural World Heritage sites include iconic protected areas - ‘household names’ of conservation such as the Serengeti, Galápagos Islands, the Grand Canyon and the Great Barrier Reef.

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Register for this free course at the IUCN Academy

Register for this free open online course, provided by the IUCN Academy, to learn more about natural World Heritage sites and the World Heritage Convention - a unique global instrument for nature conservation.