Actualité | 06 Juil, 2023

IUCN and RGI join forces to promote nature positive renewable energy generation and electricity grids

Gland, Switzerland, 6 July 2023 –IUCN and the Renewable Grid Initiative (RGI) signed a five-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to advance collaboration on the development of sustainable renewable energy and electricity grids. This is required if we are to match the exponential growth in the renewable energy sector expected under the Paris Agreement goals.

“IUCN is excited to embark on this collaboration with RGI. This work will contribute to and accelerate a nature positive transition to net zero, by helping governments and developers to take action” said Stewart Maginnis, IUCN’s Deputy Director General of Programme, who signed the MOU with RGI’s Chief Executive Officer Antonella Battaglini last month.

Work is already underway to develop a project stream that will identify, develop and deliver initiatives that contribute to a truly just and sustainable energy transition. A key project currently being developed by the partners is the ‘Global Initiative for Nature, Renewables & Grids’, which aims to support key stakeholders, such as governments, regulators, developers, and investors to incorporate nature positive approaches in renewable energy generation and transmission. If successful, this will lead to a monitoring and reporting system, thus showcasing solutions and progress globally.

Antonella Battaglini explained: “It is possible to address climate, energy and biodiversity security in parallel. When well planned, energy infrastructure can contribute to create nature protection and restoration opportunities. RGI is thrilled to work with IUCN on spreading this message, finding the methods and practices, and building a global coalition to implements it.”

“While IUCN supports the need for an accelerated rollout of renewable energy and electricity grids, it also recognises the need to ensure that all solutions to the climate crisis are sustainable and, at the same time, respond to the on-going biodiversity crisis,” added Maginnis.

IUCN and RGI envisage that this is the beginning of a collaboration that will remove challenges and find solutions for the acceleration of sustainable renewable energy generation and electricity grids that contribute to a timely, just transition to a low carbon world.

RGI is a unique collaboration of NGOs and transmission system operators from across Europe, engaged in promoting fair, transparent, sustainable grid development to enable renewables to achieve full decarbonisation in line with the Paris Agreement.