NAbSA: “NAture-based Solutions for climate Adaptation: Monitoring & Impact Evaluation”

NAbSA works to improve climate resilience and reduce poverty for vulnerable communities in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) by enhancing the rigorous application of gender-responsive NbS for climate change adaptation. 

Grassland prairie Photo: David Clode on Unsplash


Nature-based Solutions (NbS) – actions that address key societal challenges through the protection, sustainable management and restoration of both natural and modified ecosystems – are essential for climate adaptation, decreasing the impact of disasters and increasing the resilience of communities, benefitting both biodiversity and human well-being in a sustainable, socially-inclusive and gender-responsive manner. 

“NAture-based Solutions for climate Adaptation: monitoring & impact” (NAbSA) is part of Global Affairs Canada’s (GAC) Nature-positive and Partnering for Climate (P4C) initiatives and builds upon the work of 19 projects across SSA to develop a gender responsive NbS framework, that is in line with IUCN’s Global Standard, with biodiversity co-benefits. NAbSA provides technical backstopping and capacity building support to these 19 projects, primarily located in 22 SSA countries, with three key objectives: 

  1. Enhanced design and implementation of nature-based measures through capacity building & equitable access to knowledge; 
  2. Increased evidence of biodiversity-climate nexus and societal benefits by documenting results, lessons learned and best practices;  
  3. Adoption and scaling-up of nature- positive and gender responsive adaptation actions globally.