External event | 26 May, 2023

Protecting Our Coasts: The Promise of Nature-Based Resilience

Coastal ecosystems, such as mangroves, seagrasses, reefs and wetlands, provide natural protection against storm surges and other coastal climate impacts. But these ecosystems are vulnerable to damage, and themselves need to be preserved. Ocean acidification, rising sea levels, changes in water temperature and extreme weather events all threaten delicate ecosystems, while plastic pollution can choke marine habitats, accumulate in the food chain and harm biodiversity.

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Photo: Alex Smith on Unsplash

How can governments, businesses and investors work together to bolster resilience? Which nature-based solutions could hold the key? This panel sought to answer these questions and more. It was part of "A New Climate Busan", hosted by The New York Times, which explored how social and technological innovations can address the climate crisis.


  • Ashley Bang – Principal Consultant, The Biodiversity Consultancy
  • Patricia Ricard – Vice President and Chair, Paul Ricard Oceanographic Institute
  • Sandeep Sengupta – Global Policy Lead, Climate Change, International Union for Conservation of Nature


  • Doug Schorzman – Asia Editor, The New York Times