Regional Conservation Fora

Join us on the journey leading up to the IUCN World Conservation Congress 2025!

Experts and IUCN Members convene worldwide in Regional Conservation Fora (RCFs) to address paramount issues in sustainable development and conservation within their respective regions. These gatherings serve as vital platforms for dialogue and collaboration, setting the stage for the Congress.

During RCF meetings, participants delve into diverse themes, fostering discussions and consultations among regional Members. Their valuable insights contribute to shaping early drafts of the Programme, which undergoes formal approval at the IUCN Congress. This process includes devising mechanisms for Members' engagement in Programme implementation at global, regional, and local levels. Additionally, this year, sessions will focus on IUCN's 20-year strategic vision and the dissemination of knowledge encompassing the science, policy, and practice of conservation.

Members are also encouraged to craft motions for consideration and voting by Members during the Members' Assembly at the Congress, addressing pivotal matters aligned with IUCN's mission and global conservation objectives. Ahead of the Congress, Members will engage in discussions to refine these motions, with key and contentious topics tabled for debate and final decision during the Members' Assembly in Abu Dhabi.