IUCN event | 14 Nov, 2022

Doing it Better: Unpacking evidence from the field and lessons learned from NbS for Adaptation

Investing in adaptation efforts for both ecosystems and humanity can enable transformative progress toward sustainable development – from health, water, nutrition, to clean energy, sustainable infrastructure, and equality.

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Photo: Gurprit Singh

Nature-based solutions for climate adaptation have the potential to provide vulnerable countries with valuable protection against climate change hazards, reducing the intensity of climate hazards by 26 percent, representing protection against the economic cost of climate change by USD 104 billion by 2030 and USD 393 billion by 2050 (IFRC & WWF, 2022).

While the representation of nature’s impact on climate action on the COP stage is greater than ever this year, from the Global Goal on Adaptation to negotiations on Loss & Damage, the implementation of Nature-based Solutions for building climate resilience are not new. Substantial investments have catalyzed concrete evidence for these approaches from around the world. In this session, speakers will present three inspirational case studies of completed NbS for Adaptation/Ecosystem-based Adaptation projects from around the world, diving into the accomplishments, lessons learned, return on investment, and impact of their projects on the ground. Speakers will share the long-term impact of their projects to local communities, and reflect on lessons that can be taken forward into future projects as adaptation efforts are scaled up around the world.

Speakers will include:

  • Ali Raza Rizvi, Head of Climate Change at IUCN
  • Mirella Gallardo, Co-Director, Instituto de Montaña
  • Ariane Steins-Meier, Vice President of Global Development, Rare
  • Rod Braun, Director of Green-Gray Infrastructure at Conservation International