Webinar | 31 Jan, 2024

Green Criminology in Action

On January 31, 2024, the Co-chairs of CEESP Green Criminology Specialist Group, and guest speakers, hosted the webinar "Green Criminology in Action" to define Green Criminology and offer examples from the field. Read more and watch the recording below!

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On 31 January 2024, we invite you to our 1-hour webinar on Green Criminology, an analytical and interdisciplinary framework from across the social and natural sciences, concerned with environmental crimes and harms, including risks and transgressions that are harmful to humans, ecosystems, and non-human animals, regardless of legality. This webinar aims to offer an introduction to Green Criminology, to discuss why this movement is relevant to the mission and work of IUCN, and to explore on-the-ground topics of research across different geographic contexts and case studies to provide insightful analysis of these challenges.

Speakers will present on environmental crime, southern perspectives, ecophilosophies, environmental ethics, engagement with local communities, criminal networks, and wildlife crime, among other relevant areas. This webinar will be of interest to young scholars, environmental defenders, conservation practitioners, researchers, and policy-makers concerned with the political, social, cultural, and economic relationships in society that produce socio-ecological harm.

The recording of the webinar will be posted here.