About & How We Engage

CEM promotes ecosystem-based approaches for the management of landscapes and seascapes, provides guidance and support for ecosystem-based management and promotes resilient socio-ecological systems to address global challenges.




Our Mission


Our mission is to provide expert guidance on integrated approaches to the management of natural and modified ecosystems to promote biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. 

Our Members


We are a network of +1300 members from around the globe who volunteer their time and talent in pursuit of sustainability and finding solutions for issues on ecosystems and their relationship with people and cultures. We encourage diversity in terms of experience, disciplines, cultures, languages, ages and gender.

Our structure


We have over 30 groups divided into Thematic Groups, Specialist Groups and Task Forces. Each network is focused on building and strengthening communities to achieve specific goals the different regions worldwide.

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Commission leadership

Angela Andrade, CEM Chair

Angela Andrade

Chair, IUCN Commission on Ecosystem Management

Angela is an anthropologist with an M.Sc. in Landscape Ecology. She has more than 25 years of professional experience in ecosystem management.

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Everything we do or stop doing in this decade that begins, to face the crisis of biodiversity and climate change, will have a significant impact on the future of our civilization, its well-being and the integrity of our planet. To address it, today more than ever, ecosystem-based approaches become increasingly relevant.

Deputy Chair, Liette Vasseur

Liette Vasseur

Deputy Chair for CEM and co-lead of the Climate change and Biodiversity Policy and Practice group

Vasseur is Professor of Biology, member of the Environmental Sustainability Research Centre and the UNESCO Chair on Community Sustainability: From Local to Global, Brock University, Canada

Steering Committee

The SC provides leadership and guides the development and implementation of the CEM’s work. It also works to facilitate the establishment of CEM's Thematic and Specialist Groups, Task Forces, identify and initiate fundraising opportunities, strengthen partnerships and promote membership. All members of the SC have also been assigned multiple Thematic and Specialist Groups that they are responsible for. CEM holds two SC meetings every year, and where possible does so in conjunction with a related workshop.