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Steering Committee

The first 2018 CEM Steering Committee  was held in Pokhara, Nepal from the 26th February to the 2nd March. We were joined by CEM leaders: Shalini Dhyani (South Asia), PC Abhilash (Agro-ecosystems), Himlal Baral (Forest ecosystems), and Alice Hughes (YPN). Stewart Maginnis and Radhika Murti from Secretariat and Christopher Howe from IUCN-Asia also participated. Mangal Man Shakya (Asia Regional Council representative), Sushila Chattarjee (Nepal focal point CEM members) and Dr. Rishi Sah (IUCN members representative) also joined us in different parts of the meeting.

Some of the main issues discussed in this SC meeting include: project development mechanisms for the commission; a guidebook on commission communication; innovations and ecosystem management; learning to apply the ecosystem approach to landscape management; and white board explanatory videos about ecosystem management concepts widely used in CEM. Reflections on how our work contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and how to best advance our actions to show these results was widely discussed as well as our role in generating new knowledge and disseminating it. National level Red List of Ecosystems (RLE) are being required by different actors but we need to make sure that the reach of this analytic instrument is clearly understood and its technical standards are always used. In this way we can more efficiently mobilize the results these exercises can provide.

We also had the opportunity to visit the EbA and Eco-DRR pilot project sites which were presented by IUCN Nepal Program Officer Anu Adhikari, around Sidhane, Bhadaure and Tamagi. We want to thank the Nepal IUCN office which was of great support for the success of this meeting.

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