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IUCN WCEL Briefing 2 of 6 for Plastics Treaty INC-2 Glossary of Key Terms version 2

In United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) resolution 5/14 one of the critical areas designated for early negotiation in the Plastic Pollution Treaty is the generation of a glossary of key terms. One of the initial topics selected for discussion during INC-1 was the glossary of key terms to be used in the Plastic Pollution Treaty. 

This is Briefing 2 of 6 for INC-2: Key Elements for Plastic Pollution Treaty. At the end of INC-1, no clear set of key terms emerged, although States did provide insights into many topics that will require them moving forward in the negotiation process. The generation of a holistic and meaningful glossary of key terms that reflects the need to combine legal and technical realities relating to plastics is essential to framing the Plastic Pollution Treaty. This briefing addresses and follows the format of the briefing note generated by the UNEP Secretariat in advance of INC-1, highlighting areas of importance for INC-2.

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