Actualité | 02 Juin, 2023

China and IUCN collaborate to launch the landmark Nature-based Solutions Asian Hub, facilitating research and cooperation

Beijing, China, 29 May 2023: The Ministry of Natural Resources of China (MNR) and IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) signed an agreement to co-establish the Nature-based Solutions (NbS) Asian Hub, marking a major milestone in their strategic collaboration. 

As a mechanism operating from China with international reach, the Hub aims to pursue sustainable development and Ecological Civilization, a notion embraced by the Chinese government that promotes harmonious coexistence of humanity with nature, through NbS research, practices and international cooperation.

Specifically, the Hub will focus on:

  • NbS application: undertaking research, practice and demonstration projects; provide assessment, advisory and consulting support; and contributing to further development of the NbS Global Standard.
  • NbS knowledge: developing and promoting technical standards, guidelines, manuals, case studies, papers and reports.
  • NbS capacity: organising training and workshops; supporting NbS applications; and facilitating knowledge dissemination as well as  upscaling.
  • NbS cooperation: cooperating with other international NbS mechanisms and institutions and carrying out personnel, regional and international exchanges.

After signing the agreement, IUCN and MNR will work closely to put the Hub into action, including the establishment of a Steering Committee consisting of senior representatives from both sides. The Committee will oversee the Hub and its development.

Ms Chen Danhong, Director General of the International Cooperation Department, Ministry of Natural Resources, noted that “we will firmly develop the NbS Asian Hub into a centre of excellence for NbS paradigm, actively strengthen international exchange and cooperation, and jointly promote the practice and up-scaling of NbS in China and Asia.”

Mr Zhang Yan, Head of IUCN China Office, stressed that “we are very pleased to see the signing of the agreement, and deeper cooperation with Ministry of Natural Resources on NbS. We are ready for the inception of the NbS Asian Hub and hope that IUCN Members and Commission experts will also actively participate in and contribute to its development.”

In 1996, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China officially joined IUCN as a State Member; in December 2019, this role was taken over by MNR. The following year, IUCN signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with MNR, formalising the relationship between the two parties and providing a framework for collaboration towards the achievement of China’s vision of an ecological civilization. The MoU enables joint actions in many different areas including NbS, ecosystem conservation and restoration, natural resource management, natural capital accounting and financing, and marine and coastal conservation, as well as public education and communications on natural resources.

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