Actualité | 19 Juin, 2023

Last call from Blue Carbon Accelerator Fund for Design-Stage Project proposals

BCAF Readiness Support is providing funding for early-phase design, set-up, and implementation of coastal blue carbon restoration and conservation projects in developing countries, but we are entering the final weeks of the search, so please apply and share. 

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What do Project Managers/Developers who have already received Readiness Support from BCAF think about the help they have received? 
          (Some of their thoughts, challenges and successes here)

Who it is open to and for what kinds of projects

Projects must demonstrate project feasibility for restoration and conservation, and also show the extent to which the project will have measurable outcomes across social spheres, economies, the climate, and wider environmental domains.

Funding is available to:

  • non-governmental organisations (NGOs),
  • not-for-profit community groups,
  • universities (and other research-focused institutions) and
  • private sector entities (small to medium type enterprises including social enterprises, start-ups, and project developers).

How BCAF Readiness Support helps a project developer

This Readiness Support will help project developers in developing countries to commence and establish projects in a credible manner, ready for next phase investment by:

  1. Directly funding activities to kick-off or mature their project;
  2. Providing capacity building opportunities;
  3. Supporting technical collaboration between various project developers; and
  4. Assisting with brokering future investors.

(Note that this list is not exhaustive. Please see the detailed eligibility requirements in the Funding guidelines.)

Find out more and apply

Read more on the Readiness Support call, also opinions from project managers of currently-funded projects, info on the projects themselves, and a full breakdown of BCAF and the Blue Natural Capital Financing Facility (BNCFF) initiatives.