News | 18 Dec, 2023

Deep Dive into the Natural Resource Governance Framework Working Group

Conceived in 2013, the Natural Resource Governance Framework (NRGF) Working Group is an IUCN initiative created to provide a robust, inclusive, and credible approach to assessing and strengthening natural resource governance, at multiple levels and in diverse contexts. Explore the work being done by the NRGF and how to get involved!

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The overarching goal of the NRGF is to: set standards and guidance for decision-makers at all levels to make better and more just decisions on the use of natural resources and the distribution of nature’s benefits, following good governance principles, such that improved governance will enhance the contributions of ecosystems and biodiversity to equity and sustainability. 

The effectiveness and equity of natural resource governance processes critically determine both the extent to which ecosystems contribute to human well-being and the long-term prospects for sustainable conservation of nature. Securing rights and sharing power, responsibilities, and operational resources required to strengthen natural resource governance benefits both people and biodiversity. Thus, governance is a necessary foundation for a just world that values and conserves nature and contributes to the achievement of global sustainable development goals.

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Part of the 2023 mission of the NRGF was to provide ongoing updated on key activities and enhance internal communications, hence the beginning of the NRGF newsletters. 

Highlights from the 2023 End of the Year Newsletter 

  • Governance learning exchange with IP and LCs: After designing the natural resource governance (NRG) learning exchange, they are set to implement their first pilot learning exchange in Madagascar. The pilot will be an experiential learning opportunity which will then be replicated with IPs and LCs around the world. We will share updates in the coming year. If you would like to partner with the NRGF to deliver this program for IPs and LCs in your landscape, please email NRGF.
  • Design a Rapid Governance Assessment Tool (RGAT): The design of this tool is now complete and they foresee it being a key feature in highlighting the relevance of the NRGF governance assessment instrument. If you are passionate in being involved in pilot testing the RGAT, please email NRGF. 
  • If you would like the opportunity to feature some of your ongoing natural resource governance work, please email NRGF with your submission.  


2023 End of the Year September Newsletter
NRGF end of year Photo: Emmanuel Nuesiri
NRGF september newsletterPhoto: Emmanuel Nuesiri