News | 26 Jun, 2024

Announcement: IUCN sea turtles conservation volunteer list in Hon Cau MPA – 2024


On behalf of organizers, IUCN would like to express our sincere thanks for all applicants of marine turtle conservation volunteer programme in Hon Cau MPA - Summer 2024.

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Photo: IUCN sea turtles conservation volunteers in Hon Cau MPA received certificates

After thorough review and consideration based on the programme criteria, we have selected 64 volunteers for 4 trips from July to Sept 2024.

For detailed list of selected volunteers, please click HERE.

We apologize for not being able to select many applicants due to the special requirements of the programme and facilities at the site. Please continue to support and follow us on IUCN website and facebook for updated information.  

Thanks very much for your application.