Story | 24 Mar, 2020

Ehab Khalil Eid is CEC Award winner in West Asia

The jury decided to recognize two winners for their outstanding work done in the Communication and Education of Conservation. Ehab Khalil Eid is one of the proud winners. In this article he talks about his career, expertise and the work he has carried out over different Commissions of IUCN.

I started my career path as a research assistant at the Marine Science Station of Aqaba, Jordan, where I had the opportunity to explore marine diversity. This job provided me with a solid foundation in scientific research methodologies and data analysis. After that, I started exploring terrestrial biodiversity conservation through protected areas management when I joined the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature. My job included heading the research and survey section due to my strong background on zoology and fauna research, specifically mammals, herpetofauna and, to a lesser extent, invertebrates. This job shaped my understanding, skills and experiences of in-situ and ex-situ conservation and how to develop management plans of protected areas.

My involvement and understanding of conservation, and my strong research and analytical skills encouraged me to volunteer my time at the IUCN committees and commissions and to strengthen my exposure to conservation from an international perspective. I also had the opportunity to study multi-lateral environmental conventions, and to be specialized in CITES which enhanced my knowledge in conservation and expanded my understanding of species conservation, management and access.

My career path took a significant turn when I started leading a national marine conservation society: The Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan where I invested all the skills I gained to advance the Society’s profile in the conservation field through science and good governance practices. The experience I developed over the years was the gate to be part of the Steering Committee of the IUCN Species Survival Commission (2017-2020), a member in the IUCN WCPA, CEC, and an EAGL member. I consider this as a crossroads that helped me to gain a more in depth knowledge of IUCN.

I am very proud of having the opportunity to link my educational background with my professional career. Due to this I have been able to achieve many things, including but not limited to the knowledge obtained, such as publishing peer-reviewed articles, chapters, strategies, bylaws, and action plans at various levels. This also included raising the capacities and awareness of various stakeholders, conservationists and environmentalists towards nature conservation and other related topics necessary for development and sustainability. I have experienced several challenges, but my major challenge has been the level of public understanding of the importance of species and ecosystems and the necessity to conserve them.

The golden tip for those seeking to follow this path is to believe in themselves and to believe that biodiversity conservation is a must and can be achieved. Never stop; whatever the challenge is, work with faithfulness!

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