Story | 07 Feb, 2020

Short videos: how local communities take action to conserve nature and local livelihoods

CEESP NEWS: by Anthony Charles, Director, Community Conservation Research Network (other positions detailed below)

The Community Conservation Research Network, in conjunction with Saint Mary's University, is pleased to announce two new 5-minute animation videos, exploring how local communities around the world take action to conserve the natural environment on which they depend, and sustain their local economies and livelihoods.

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Photo: Community Conservation Research Network (CCRN)

The 1st video, "Local Communities Conserve Their Environment, Support Their Economy", focuses on the experiences of two communities, the Eastport Peninsula in Canada and Koh Pitak in Thailand.

The video highlights community efforts to restore and safeguard local ecosystems and diversify economies, making the environment and community livelihoods more sustainable for current and future generations. In emphasizing the important contribution of local communities to environmental conservation, the video also notes the need for the right kind of government support to community initiatives.


Communities Linking Conservation and Livelihoods – Ingredients for Success       Photo: Produced by White Raven Consulting for the Community Conservation Research Network (CCRN).

The 2nd video, “Communities Linking Conservation and Livelihoods - Ingredients of Success”, focuses on ingredients of success for local communities engaged in environmental conservation, to make their communities, and their livelihoods, more sustainable for current and future generations. 

The video explores what it takes for success in local communities themselves, and with governments, and others, in better supporting those communities. Drawing on the experience of many communities in conserving their environment while sustaining their livelihoods, a series of “lessons learned” are described - ones that can be relevant around the world.


Anthony Charles is Senior Research Fellow in Environment and Sustainability; Professor, School of the Environment & School of Business; and Director, Community Conservation Research Network.

Saint Mary's University, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H3C3 Canada