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Building nature-positive economies and societies

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Building on the momentum of IUCN World Conservation Congresses, IUCN has launched the IUCN Leaders Forum, a new series of high-level events, to convene global leaders more frequently on key topics of relevance to the international agenda. The first edition of the IUCN Leaders Forum, organised by IUCN together with the Korean Ministry of Environment and Jeju Self-governing Province, will be held in Jeju, Republic of Korea from 13 – 15 October 2022. It will focus on ‘Building nature-positive economies and societies’. 

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‘Building nature-positive economies and societies’ is the theme of the IUCN Leaders Forum Jeju 2022



High-level plenaries, networking, informal business meetings, and other opportunities for leaders and changemakers from across sectors to build partnerships at the IUCN Leaders Forum Jeju 2022



Speakers at the IUCN Leaders Forum Jeju 2022 include leaders and changemakers from a variety of sectors within, and outside, of the nature conservation and sustainable development fields



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Key objectives

The IUCN Leaders Forum is an annual event, gathering leaders and changemakers from around the world, in-person, to discuss innovative solutions to critical global challenges, make bold commitments, build partnerships and catalyse action for impactful change in nature conservation and sustainability. It will:

1.    Convene influential and innovative leaders (government, private sector, civil society, sub-national authorities, other) with the aim of creating alliances and new partnerships, identifying innovative solutions, and advancing the international policy agenda;

2.    Offer a platform to discuss emerging issues and help shape future market forces with key stakeholders, in a safe space;

3.    Create a networking opportunity between corporates and changemakers who are implementing environmental action projects and can report back on their progress at the next annual Leaders Forum.



IUCN Leaders Forum Jeju 2022 Hosts

Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Korea
The Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Korea is responsible for conservation of the natural and living environment, and prevention of environmental pollution, and management of water resources and rivers. The Ministry addresses urgent issues such as carbon emission, fine dust, and resource circulation and implements tasks under the Korean Green New Deal as well as international conventions and goals including UNFCCC, CBD and SDGs.

Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
Jeju Special Self-Governing Province lies in the Korea Strait below the Korean Peninsula, consisting of 8 inhabited islands and 55 uninhabited islets. The island formed by the eruption of an underwater volcano boasts magnificent natural landscapes and unique culture, making it a global vacation destination visited by more than 10 million tourists every year. The entire main island with Mt. Halla at the center is designated as UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and Global Geopark, and the Jeju Volcanic Island and Lava Tubes is inscribed on the World Heritage List.

More information

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