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Opportunities for Singapore to Drive ASEAN's Green Transition

This brief provides a snapshot of Singapore’s projected energy needs, explores options for future electricity imports, and identifies how Singapore can both advance and benefit from the regional green energy transition while minimizing negative avoidable social and environmental impacts.

When it comes to regional power trade, Singapore has an opportunity to drive positive change regionally by ensuring its electricity imports are not only low or zero carbon, but also that they exclude other avoidable environmental impacts, particularly from dams that disconnect rivers, block fish migrations, and threaten local livelihoods and food security. While this requires collaboration among a range of stakeholders, including other emerging import markets such as Vietnam, Singapore can use its early mover advantage to drive positive change regionally through establishing environmental quality standards and best practices for green electricity trade.

This report under IUCN's Bridge Programme and the Stimson Center assesses the options for Singapore's future imports as well as opportunities for Singapore to support regional sustainability.