Source-to-sea and landscape approaches

Authors: Brito, Maria Cecília, Barbosa, Francisco, Maroun, Christianne, Renshaw, Jonathan, May, Peter, Sánchez, Luis Enrique, Kakabadse, Yolanda,

The report contextualises the current status of water quality and biodiversity in the Rio Doce watershed, providing selected data and information on the physical, chemical and biological quality of the water and an overview of the terrestrial, freshwater and marine biodiversity since the dam rupture. A review of the integrated approaches already adopted in the Rio Doce restoration actions is also provided, focusing mainly on the TTAC programmes that in some respect embody the source-to-sea and landscape approaches in their conception. The Technical Report suggests pathways toward building a combined approach to restore water quality and biodiversity in the Rio Doce watershed, taking advantage of such actions already implemented by Renova Foundation and its partners.