Story | 17 May, 2023

Sustainable Management of Posidonia Beaches | IUCN Webinar 13/06/2023 10:00 CET

Natural vegetation like Posidonia is often removed from beaches in response to some specific demands of the tourism sector. Nevertheless, maintaining Posidonia seagrass on Mediterranean beaches is key to preserve valuable forms of biodiversity, as well as to protect the coastline against erosion and conserve water quality.

This webinar, organised by IUCN in partnership with Blue Flag/FEE and MPN, will prove examples of how different actors from the Mediterranean region are finding solutions to preserve Posidonia while satisfying the needs of beach visitors and tourism stakeholders.

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In this webinar, the identified solutions will be presented in the form of a Toolkit, which will include case studies based on real-life examples, to improve the management of Posidonia beaches in the Mediterranean.

The webinar is highly recommended for:

  • municipalities
  • managers of beaches and marine protected areas
  • tourism operators
  • hotels/resorts
  • organisations interested in marine conservation or sustainable tourism

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The Posbemed+ project (2022-2023) builds on the results and findings obtained in the Interreg-MedPOSBEMED2 project (2019-2022), which aimed to address the challenges Mediterranean beaches currently face by promoting nature-based management solutions and supporting planning strategies that acknowledge the value of Posidonia beach-dune environments.

Posbemed+ focuses on increasing and widening community engagement of stakeholders from different Mediterranean countries towards long-term commitments promoting the sustainable management of Posidonia beaches, including those involved within the tourism sector.

We would like to express our gratitude for the funding support provided by Accor, which has made it possible for us to conduct this webinar.