Story | 03 Jul, 2023

Open Call for Nominations for the IUCN Green List Panel until the 7 July 2023 23:59 CET

Want to learn more or you have someone in mind for this opportunity? Nominate them here (self-nominations are also accepted):➡️

IUCN and WCPA commissioned a review of the governance and management arrangements for the IUCN Green List of Protected and Conserved Areas, to take account of the requirements of the IUCN Green List Development Plan and to enhance and strengthen the IUCN Green List Programme. The review led to several recommendations being made to clarify oversight and management roles, to improve assurance procedures, and to clarify the roles and responsibilities of the three main institutional structures.

These included clarifying the responsibilities of the IUCN Green List Panel (the structure that validates nominations for Green-Listing); the IUCN Green List Standard Committee (the independent expert structure that is the custodian of the global Standard and which interprets the Standard in different jurisdictions around the world); and proposing a new IUCN Green List Steering Group chaired by the Director, Centre for Conservation Action to foster alignment, communication and collaboration between the IUCN Secretariat and WCPA and to guide the operational management of the Green List.

The new IUCN Green List Panel will be appointed following a call for nominations for eligible persons to take on this important responsibility.

IUCN therefore now calls for nominations for members of the IUCN Green List Panel in accordance with the criteria for members.

The Terms of Reference and the Criteria for Membership can be accessed here:


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The IUCN Green List Team