Story | 28 Dec, 2023

TRI Countries’ Policy Milestones Published Through PANORAMA Solutions Website

All ten of TRI’s country projects have been published through the PANORAMA Solutions website, highlighting each team’s policy achievements and how they’ve impacted overall FLR goals. The solutions detail the projects’ policy milestones, challenges, beneficiaries, impacts, and building blocks and include inspiring stories to showcase the projects in action. Among the ten solutions, policy work focused on elaborating national strategies, integrating county plans, filling knowledge gaps, and conducting policy research.

Elaborating National Plans and Strategies to Implement FLR

TRI country teams facilitated the development of national policies implementing FLR, providing technical recommendations and helping convene stakeholders for development and approval. The Tanzania team helped elaborate the National Forest and Landscape Restoration Strategy, which will work with a number of policies to outline strategic objectives for landscape restoration, define priority measures and actions, and establish financing and monitoring arrangements. Similarly, in Cameroon, the team provided restoration recommendations developed from its ROAM assessments integrated into the national Harmonized Action Plan for the Restoration of Degraded Land and Forest Landscapes in Cameroon. In Guinea Bissau, the TRI team contributed to the National Mangrove Law and National Mangrove Strategy, providing input into policies filling gaps and regulating the sustainable management of the country’s mangrove ecosystems. The Forest and Landscape Restoration Implementation Action Pan in Kenya was also facilitated by both the TRI Kenya ASAL and TRI Tana Delta teams, which provided technical recommendations and helped consult stakeholders to ensure its passing.