Story | 14 Feb, 2024

National coalition in United States announces forward-looking federal policy agenda for conservation and environmental justice

IUCN's North America Regional Director represents the voice of the Union on the Steering Committee of the America the Beautiful for All Coalition. 

A historically broad and diverse coalition of hundreds of organizations is announcing the release of a unified and ambitious 2024 national policy agenda aimed at conserving 30 percent of lands and waters by 2030. The America the Beautiful For All Coalition (ATB4All) comprises people representing hundreds of organizations, missions, cultures, and identities. The Coalition developed the 2024 Policy Agenda to achieve the most ambitious conservation goal of the century.

As a member of the Steering Committee of the ATB4All Coalition, North America Regional Director Dr. Tracy Farrell has had the opportunity to work alongside this formidable network of civil society leaders ensuring that "the largest conservation goal of the century is led by a coalition that looks and sounds like America". Dr. Farrell shared IUCN's expertise in the Agenda development and collaborated with leaders across sectors.

IUCN has been committed in our efforts around the world to support countries to pursue their 30x30 ambitions. The America the Beautiful for All Coalition's tireless work to position these conservation ambitions within the Justice 40 framework aligns well with IUCN's work to frame the 'what counts' through the 'who counts'.  - Dr. Tracy Farrell, IUCN North America Regional Director 

The America The Beautiful For All Coalition (ATB4All) reflects the diversity of America and centers the voices of people of color and frontline communities working to conserve 30% of lands, waters, and ocean by 2030.

The Coalition unites land, freshwater, and ocean advocates across communities to catalyze action by the Presidential Administration and Congress through a shared annual policy agenda focused on twin goals:

  • Conserve at least 30% of land, water, and ocean by 2030 to avoid massive species loss, secure equitable access to nature’s benefits, and prevent and repair the impacts of the climate crisis for all communities.
  • Implement a Justice40 metric for the America the Beautiful Initiative to ensure at least 40% of investments are made in communities of color and frontline communities that have historically seen little to no investment in conservation and equitable access to nature. 

The 2024 Policy Agenda highlights:

  • The continued call for the creation of a National Biodiversity Strategy (NBS) for the United States, to tackle the intertwined issues of biodiversity loss and climate change in a unified and comprehensive manner, ultimately enhancing both environmental resilience and the welfare of the communities across the nation.

  • More than $141 million America the Beautiful Challenge Grants in 2023 with 40% of funds going to Tribal communities.

  • Ensuring marine protected area management and implementation. 

  • Enacting a Bureau of Land Management Rulemaking to modernize 245 million acres of public lands management. 

  • Expanding access to existing open space through community use agreements. 

  • A host of new and expanded priorities, including bolstering the Farm Bill, increasing access to conservation funding for native communities, restoring natural river systems, establishing a national biodiversity strategy, and other steps.

IUCN's North America Regional Office is proud to work with this Coalition to support 30x30 and Justice40 efforts in the United States.