Artículo | 12 Mayo, 2021

What makes conservation effective? A community perspective

A video is now available of the public event held April 20, 2021, to celebrate the launch of the new CCRN book, co-published by IUCN-CEESP: Communities, Conservation and Livelihoods.  

The panel discussion involved book authors and IUCN commentators exploring the role of local communities in conserving local environments and sustaining livelihoods, and discussing major themes of the book – motivations for communities to conserve, effectiveness in producing biodiversity and livelihood outcomes, and the role of decision-making, of power, and of Indigenous realities.

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The panel highlighted the experiences of local communities, each with its own solutions and its own path to success in achieving sustainable livelihoods through linking Communities, Conservation and Livelihoods.


Book launch on Communities, Conservation & Livelihoods Book cover - "Communities, conservation and livelihoods" Photo: Community Conservation Research Network (CCRN)

  • Kristen Walker Painemilla (IUCN CEESP Chair)
  • Anthony Charles (Director, Community Conservation Research Network)
  • Laura Loucks (Clayoquot Biosphere Trust)
  • Onel Maserdule (Kuna, Panama, Fundacion para la Promocion Conocimiento Indigena)
  • Fikret Berkes (University of Manitoba)

Many questions were posed to panelists during the event… Some are answered in the video while others were addressed by the panelists afterwards. These answers are now provided on the website, accessed through the same link:

Watch the video about the book:


The book Communities, Conservation and Livelihoods is produced by the Community Conservation Research Network (CCRN) and co-published by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), and its Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy (CEESP).