Artículo | 16 Jun, 2023

Laying the foundation for rapid, effective, and equitable implementation of the new High Seas Biodiversity Treaty

"Now is the time to think ahead, and build a robust platform for multilateral action to protect ocean health across generations on behalf of humankind and all marine life." 
Kristina Gjerde, Senior High Seas Advisor to IUCN Ocean Team

IUCN has long been engaged in the BBNJ process and on High Seas conservation, given its unique position to influence and inform discussions on high seas biodiversity related issues.

In addition to attending the UN proceedings, the IUCN has been producing extensive knowledge products to support the negotiations and lay the foundation for implementation of the future BBNJ Agreement.


Resources for IGC5 delegates

Briefings for negotiators


IUCN commentary on the further revised draft text of an agreement under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea on the conservation and sustainable use of marine biological diversity of areas beyond national jurisdiction (A/CONF.232/2022/5)

Peer-reviewed publications

High seas treaty within reach (SCIENCE editorial, September 15, 2022)


DOALOS submissions

Additional submissions to DOALOS (submitted during IGC5)

Grey literature

A new dawn for global benefit-sharing: capitalizing on the Global Biodiversity Framework for Marine Genetic Resources from Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction
Initial reflections to support rapid, effective and equitable implementation of the BBNJ Agreement

Multimedia stories

High Seas Multimedia 1 High Time for High Seas multimedia Photo: IUCN

High time for the High Seas

Resuming High Seas Treaty Negotiations multimedia Resuming High Seas Treaty Negotiations multimedia Photo: IUCN

Resuming the negotiations for a strong High Seas Treaty

Resources for IGC4 delegates

Whilst more guidelines are in preparation, here is a selection of existing resources were prepared for IGC4 delegates and interested parties:

IUCN Submissions


Other media

Short film: Fighting alongside the friends of the ocean at the UN

Animation: Biodiversity Beyond National Jurisdiction (BBNJ): the issues and the solutions