Artículo | 08 Ago, 2023

From Passion to Action: Young Leaders Driving Sustainability at Bahrain's Eco-Summit

Sara Albanna, Bahrain Women Association for Human Development

Over 300 students from 16 international schools gathered in Bahrain recently for the country's first-ever  youth eco-summit to share their creative approaches to sustainability. The summit aimed to encourage  teamwork and enthuse a group of people committed to building a better future. It emphasized how  crucial it is to instill in kids a sense of social responsibility and environmental awareness, as well as how  capable young people are of bringing about change for a fairer and more sustainable world.

What we learn during our formative years shapes who we become as adults, from the smallest habits to the greatest aspirations. Both family trees and history bear witness to this unwavering fact. Instilling in today's youth a variety of perspectives that prioritize our planet and its limited resources is essential because of this. 

Building a just and sustainable world depends on the next generation. Giving them the knowledge and abilities they need to meet new challenges is essential. We can put a priority on sustainability and make it a part of our everyday lives by raising environmentally and socially responsible people. This necessitates a change in both our educational system and how we raise our children. A generation that values sustainability and appreciates the value of nature conservation must be raised. 

Bahrain, a small island in the Middle East, held its first-ever eco-summit for children between the ages of 10 and 16 with 16 international schools participating. More than 300 motivated and enthusiastic students from various academic disciplines, nations, and backgrounds attended the summit. These brilliant young minds gathered to talk about their sustainability journeys, exchange ideas, experiences, and stories, and gain new insights on how to build a more sustainable future. 

The summit provided a platform for young people who are inspired to take action to share their innovative approaches to sustainability. The students highlighted a variety of creative and useful projects aimed to conserve nature and reduce waste, such as recycling and waste management programs, energy-saving methods, planting trees and conserving them, and neighborhood outreach initiatives. 

Beyond exchanging knowledge and expertise, the summit had other goals. It aimed to promote strong bonds and collaboration to achieve shared objectives. The attendees created a community of inspiring and dedicated individuals who are motivated to create a better future. A network of inspiration was created through the exchange of ideas, perceptions, and best practices; it is certain that this network will keep growing and solidifying long after the summit has ended. 

The summit was inspiring to watch. The enthusiasm and dedication of these young people to sustainability were encouraging and had the potential to change their perspective of the world for the rest of their lives. It served as a reminder and a spark for motivation to keep educating youth and giving them the tools they need to build a just and sustainable future. 

These young people's critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and teamwork skills are essential for survival and success in a complex world. This group of young people is living proof that through their passion, creativity, and dedication to sustainability, young people can create a better future for all. The summit correctly emphasized the importance of instilling in children a sense of social responsibility and environmental awareness.