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Resolutions and Recommendations*

You can access all resolutions and recommendations since 1948:

IUCN Resolutions and Recommendations Platform (searchable by keyword)
IUCN Resolutions publications  (pdf format)

Note: Until1986, the Resolutions were integrated in the Proceedings. 


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* Resolutions and Recommendations are decisions adopted by IUCN Members at the World Conservation Congress/General Assembly.  


You will find below motions as submitted to previous Congresses:

All motions from previous Congresses in online library (pdf format)

Motions from Congresses prior to 2000 are not available in electronic format 

** Motions are draft decisions submitted by IUCN Members for consideration at the World Conservation Congress/General Assembly.  

Voting results

You can view the voting results for all motions presented per Congress by clicking on the below links

For Congresses and Assemblies prior to 2008, these results are not available. 

Word Conservation Congress websites

You will find all Congress brochures, videos, photos, etc. on these pages: