Nature 2030 implementation and finance

In addition to providing a more inclusive and extended vision, the new Programme defines broad areas of work and sets aspirational targets as well as indicators to measure success. The Financial Plan outlines the resources that the IUCN Secretariat expects to mobilise to reach these targets.

Programme implementation

Reporting will be done against globally available indicators, particularly the Tier 1 SDG indicator and other authoritative indicators for measuring achievement of impact targets by 2030.

Following a request by the IUCN Members to have a Programme for the Union, reporting will go beyond the Secretariat and Commissions work and include Members of IUCN who voluntarily report on what they are doing. Therefore, a digital platform will be developed so that all parts of the Union can showcase what they are doing to implement the Programme.

Important Note: Both the pandemic and the issues it reveals regarding the linkages between nature and infectious disease emergence, and human health overall, clearly impact the specifics of the Programme implementation. To ensure that these are adequately addressed, IUCN Members adopted an addendum to the Nature 2030 IUCN Programme 2021–2024 on the impacts and implications of the COVID-19 pandemic on the IUCN Programme at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in September 2021.


Financial plan

The financial plan outlines the resources that the IUCN Secretariat expects to mobilise and spend in the delivery of the Nature 2030 IUCN Programme 2021–2024 and to support the core Union and corporate functions of IUCN.

The financial plan has the following high-level objectives:

  1. Support the implementation of the IUCN Programme 2021–2024
  2. Provide funding to meet the statutory objectives of IUCN
  3. Provide investment funding to enhance operational capacity
  4. Ensure the financial sustainability of IUCN
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Accountability and reporting

IUCN values good governance and accountability from the highest level of the organisation. We have developed a number of systems and processes to ensure quality, accountability and transparency. These include the Open Project Portal, financial and other reports and external reviews and evaluations. 

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Contributions for Nature platform

Section 8 of the Nature 2030 IUCN Programme 2021–2024 mandates the development of

“a digital platform where all parts of the Union can voluntarily share their committed and realised contributions to meeting the Impact Targets as well as commitments against global policy targets such as the post-2020 global biodiversity framework.”

The Contributions for Nature platform allows IUCN Members to document where they are undertaking (or planning to undertake) conservation and restoration actions. It overlays data for biodiversity and for nature-based solutions to climate change.   While the long-term vision for the Contributions for Nature platform spans the entire of the Nature 2030 IUCN Programme, the first phase of its development focuses on documentation of potential contributions to the programme areas on Land and Climate.