News | 13 Sep, 2022

CEC helps advance nature education work at the UN Summit on Transforming Education

The IUCN Commission on Education and Communication (CEC), through its #NatureForAll and Nature Education for Sustainability Working Groups, is developing a series of events  to build networks, expand reach, and share knowledge between members and the wider nature education community. Several events will be held during the upcoming United Nations Summit on Transforming Education between September 16 – 19 in New York City.

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CEC works to strengthen partnerships that promote knowledge transfer across generations, genders, cultures, organisations and geographies, and in as many languages as possible. The Global Lessons on Greening School Grounds and Outdoor Learning project is creating synergies between different stakeholders and advancing practices to connect people with nature.

The project is establishing an international baseline of data about the scale and extent of outdoor classrooms and learning environments for education, health, community and climate change mitigation results. An international cohort is meeting monthly to develop an action agenda, advocacy statement, and projects. The series of monthly sessions will culminate in November with an in-person meeting in Salzburg, Austria from which an international action agenda will be launched early in 2023.


UN Summit on Transforming Education

The United Nations Secretary-General is convening the Transforming Education Summit during the 77th UN General Assembly, on September 16 (Mobilization Day), 17 (Solutions Day) and 19 (Leaders Day). The Summit seeks to mobilize political ambition, action, solutions, and solidarity to transform education. This includes taking stock of efforts to recover pandemic-related learning losses; reimagining education systems for the world of today and tomorrow; and revitalizing national and global efforts to achieve SDG 4.

On September 19, CEC, the Children & Nature Network, Diplomatic Courier, ETS, QFI, Global Salzburg Seminar and Wise will co-host a special event in support of Transforming Education with calls for action including the launch of the Salzburg Statement on greening school grounds for education, health, well-being, and mitigation of climate change. This event includes a 24 hour live-stream event that showcases programs and organizations working on greening school grounds from around the world.


The Salzburg Statement

The Salzburg Statement is an output of the Global Lessons on Greening Schools Grounds & Outdoor Learning project. This project is a collaborative effort of the Children & Nature Network, Salzburg Global Seminar, the International School Grounds Alliance, IUCN CEC, #NatureForAll, and the National League of Cities Institute for Youth, Education and Families.

Global Lessons on Greening Schools Grounds & Outdoor Learning developed the Salzburg Statement to influence thinking, policy, and approaches to school grounds and outdoor learning opportunities. This Statement will support a global action agenda to ensure that all children and communities have access to green school grounds and outdoor learning.


A call to action

#NatureForAll encourages and helps individuals and organizations create and enhance holistic benefits from nature for their communities, and celebrates all achievements towards their goals. Join the movement!