News | 19 Mar, 2024

PANORAMA launches revamped web platform to amplify solutions for a Healthier Planet

The PANORAMA initiative proudly unveils its revamped web platform, designed to foster streamlined knowledge discovery, enhance inclusivity, and deepen peer connectivity. The relaunch supports the initiative’s mission to document and promote replicable solutions across diverse thematic areas such as restoration, climate change adaptation and species conservation, providing practical solutions to move towards a healthier planet.


PANORAMA – Solutions for a Healthy Planet is a partnership initiative dedicated to showcasing solutions that address pressing challenges to biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. By documenting and sharing success stories in a standardised format, PANORAMA facilitates cross-sectoral learning and collaboration, empowering practitioners worldwide to tackle similar challenges in their respective contexts.

Central to PANORAMA is ‘The Solution-ing Approach’. The Solutions are effective, replicable examples of processes that contribute to sustainable development and biodiversity conservation. They represent tangible steps towards achieving global targets and goals.

The methodology emphasises the documentation, sharing, and support of successful interventions. Solutions, which range from entire projects to specific approaches, are not viewed as fixed proof-points, but as adaptable toolboxes that can be replicated and scaled up across different contexts.

PANORAMA's broad partnership encompasses over 1,000 solution providers from NGOs, government institutions, academia, international organisations, foundations, and the private sector. A diverse set of organizations, led by GIZ and IUCN, manage PANORAMA to provide a neutral platform for knowledge sharing. By facilitating knowledge exchange and collaboration across sectors and regions, the initiative aims to accelerate progress towards a more sustainable future.

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The Relaunch

The PANORAMA web platform serves as the primary gateway for users to access a wealth of solutions. The previous PANORAMA platform has received more than one million visits since its launch in 2016.  Recognising the pivotal role of the platform in both capturing the wealth of knowledge from solution providers and connecting users with over 1,400 solutions, we embarked on the creation of a new and majorly improved web interface. Our goal is to ensure that these solutions remain not only accessible but also relevant to the diverse needs of our users.

The newly launched web platform introduces several key enhancements aimed at improving user experience and increasing the visibility of contributions. With a dynamic map tool and enhanced filtering options based on thematic groups and geographical regions, users can now navigate solutions more intuitively, discovering relevant case studies with ease.

Screenshot new Panorama portal with map


One of the standout features of the revamped platform is the community section, which puts the spotlight on the people behind the solutions. By showcasing solution providers' profiles, PANORAMA aims to foster a sense of connection and collaboration within its diverse network of practitioners.

By highlighting the individuals and organisations driving positive change, we hope to catalyse even greater impact and innovation.

As the world faces unprecedented environmental challenges, initiatives like PANORAMA play a crucial role in catalysing positive change, by supporting peer-to-peer exchange, as well as uptake of practical solutions in policy processes. With its newly launched web platform, PANORAMA is poised to inspire and empower practitioners worldwide to address the most pressing issues facing our planet.

For more information and to explore the new platform, CLICK HERE. 

Overview of the platform’s new features: