Become an IUCN Member

By joining IUCN, you will benefit from IUCN's scientific credibility, its unsurpassed knowledge base and convening power, extensive networking opportunities and access to high-level political, economic and social decision making. Being a Member of IUCN enables you both to advance your own cause and to strengthen common action in overcoming barriers to a sustainable future.

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Member benefits
member knowledge


Members use IUCN's data, analysis, assessments, guidelines, standards and best practices to advance their conservation agendas as well as contributing to this knowledge.

members voice


The Union substantially boosts Members' power to influence the conservation agenda, both individually via IUCN's democratic processes, and collectively.

member network


With its vast portfolio of projects and strong track record and relationships with donors, IUCN has an unparalleled ability to bring Members into project work.

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IUCN Members logo

IUCN Members can show their association with IUCN by using an official IUCN logo extension specifically designed for Members.

Who can become a Member? 

IUCN Members are institutions and organisations with a common interest in creating a just world that values and conserves nature. Member organisations can be:

  • States
  • Government agencies
  • Subnational governments
  • Political/economic integration organisations
  • National and international non-governmental organisations
  • Indigenous Peoples' Organisations

Individuals with conservation expertise can join one of our expert Commissions. Learn more about Commission membership.

How to apply? 

Annual deadlines for submission of the membership applications: 31 March, 30 June, 30 September and 31 December.

Please download and read the detailed application form here:

The form contains step-by-step instructions of what you need to do in order to apply for membership as well as detailed information about the membership admission criteria and process.

Should you require assistance for any items not covered in the application form, please do not hesitate to contact the Membership Focal Point for your region.

*States and Political and/or Economic Integration Organisations can adhere to IUCN at any time and don’t have to apply through the IUCN Membership Application Form. Please contact the Membership Focal Point for your region.

*Should you need to locate dues amounts for 2021 or earlier, kindly contact the Membership Focal Point from your region.