Position paper

IUCN Position paper for CBD SBI4

IUCN presents views and recommendations for different SBI4 agenda items.

Main Messages

Review of implementation: progress in national target setting and the updating of national biodiversity strategies and action plans (Agenda item 2)

  • IUCN encourages those Parties that are still to revise and finalize their NBSAPs to do so as soon as possible, well before COP16 to allow for a more comprehensive global analysis and review of progress.
  • IUCN highlights the importance of aligning national targets to the targets of the Kunming Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (KMGBF) and encourages Parties to make use of the template in Annex I of Decision 15/6.

Resource mobilization and financial mechanism (Agenda item 4)

  • IUCN supports updating and strengthening of the resource mobilization strategy to fully align it with the KMGBF.
  • IUCN welcomes the prompt establishment of the Global Biodiversity Framework Fund (GBFF) by the Global Environment Facility and urges donors to support its further capitalisation to ensure effective immediate support for the implementation of KMGBF.

Capacity-building and development, technical and scientific cooperation and knowledge management under the Convention (Agenda item 5)

  • IUCN encourages Parties to include their identified capacity needs and where possible, capacity development plans in the revision of their NBSAPs.
  • IUCN is committed to collaborating with the entities selected to host regional and sub-regional centres, and the global coordination entity to ensure comprehensive coverage and to leverage each other's skills and expertise while avoiding duplication.

Cooperation with other conventions and international organizations (Agenda item 7)

  • IUCN encourages Parties to consider and if possible, integrate in the revision of their NBSAPs their various commitments under relevant MEAs to facilitate synergies and coherence in implementation. Conversely, IUCN also encourages Parties to integrate, as appropriate, their biodiversity targets in the instruments and mechanisms for the implementation of relevant MEAs.

Long-term strategic approach to mainstreaming (Agenda item 10)

  • IUCN recommends amending inconsistencies in language by reviewing the LTAM and updating the milestones in the action plan.
  • IUCN also recommends Parties to adopt the LTAM and the associated voluntary action plan as two guidance documents to inspire and structure mainstreaming actions at national level.