Story | 23 May, 2011

Video in Arabic, Chinese, French, Hebrew and Spanish: Love. Not Loss.

This popular video is now available in six languages. Screen it at your next event and start people talking about how to 'communicate biodiversity'.

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Are we failing to communicate? Is anybody listening? Have we forgotten what motivates people to care about nature and take positive action to conserve it? These are some of the thought provoking questions asked in the popular short film ‘Love. Not Loss.’. Thanks to the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication (CEC) and producer Jeremy Bristow, these questions are now being asked in Arabic, Chinese, French, Hebrew and Spanish. Translations of the video ‘Love. Not Loss.’ are available on the IUCN CEC YouTube channel, where the English version has been viewed more than 7,780 times.

“The film has been very popular and challenges all people involved in communicating about biodiversity and environmental issues, particularly to the general public, to consider carefully how we can do that for greatest benefit,” said Rod Abson, CEC member.

“From the very positive feedback received about the film and requests from around the world for it to be available in additional languages to English, we reached out to the CEC members to volunteer to translate the script into Arabic, Chinese, French, Hebrew and Spanish. We are very grateful to the many people involved in producing these translated versions of ‘Love. Not Loss.’ and encourage it to be circulated throughout the conservation community.”

Love. Not Loss (العربية).
Love. Not Loss ( 用爱保护大自然 ).
Love. Not Loss. (English).
Love. Not Loss. (Español).
Love. Not Loss. (Français)
Love. Not Loss (Hebrew subtitles)

With thanks for assistance with translation to: Delmar Blasco, Susana Cabezas, Mariana Minervini, Carla Mora-Trejos, Tania Moreno, Lorenza Olivares, Vivienne Solis Rivera, Karen Nash, CEC members of the IUCN French Committee, Mr. Nejmuddin Hassan of Khaled Bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation (KBSLOF), Dr. Saeed Zaghloul of the Saudi Wildlife Commission (SWC), Prof. Iyad Nader Khaled Bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation (KBSLOF), Prof. Abdulaziz Abuzinada member of board of directors, Khaled Bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation (KBSLOF), Hanying Li (李翰颖 ) and Dr. Simon Nemtzov.

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