Become an IUCN Commission member

IUCN Commissions generate and disseminate knowledge, mobilising influence, while promoting the conservation science and management base for the IUCN. In this way, they broaden conservation knowledge and competence, and help drive IUCN’s work into new areas of conservation.


Benefits of becoming a Commission member include:

  1. Network and Global Collaborations

The opportunity to network and work with conservation experts and professionals around the world in one of six IUCN Commissions. The Union Portal offers members a working space with other Commission members and provides contact details for more than thousands of other experts working in the conservation field. All Commission members are provided with login details and access to relevant groups.

  1. Visibility and Access

Opportunity to present your work on a larger platform with access to IUCN’s knowledge products and convening power.

  1. Expertise Sharing

Learning from and contributing to the development of new ideas, expertise and good practices in the Commissions. In particular, you will derive the most benefit if you contribute actively through Specialist Groups, Task Forces or any established Working Groups.

  1. Discount on IUCN Events

Reduced registration fees for the IUCN World Conservation Congress and other major IUCN events.

  1. Educate and Inform

Receive and contribute to monthly newsletters, a valuable platform for active interactions amongst Commission members. It enables members of the Commission to share their news, research, publications, opportunities and much

Note: The Commissions expect their members to have professional expertise and to contribute voluntarily to the mission of IUCN and that of the Commissions.

To join a Commission of your choice,

Please follow the following steps and enjoy actively participating, and contributing to the valuable work of the Commissions.

  • To apply for membership directly to any IUCN Commission other than the Species Survival Commission, please visit the IUCN Commission Membership System. You will be required to create an account, fill in your profile, complete an online membership application, then submit your application.
  • Membership of a Specialist Group and therefore of the Species Survival Commission is at the invitation of the Chair of a Specialist Group. Should you wish to be considered as a member, contact the relevant Specialist Group Chair.

Your application will be reviewed and a response will be sent to you.

If you have any queries or require further support, please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact the Commission Support Unit.

Documents to guide you through the process: