Kenya (Tana Delta)

Enhancing integrated natural resource management to arrest and reverse current trends in biodiversity loss and land degradation for increased ecosystem services in the Tana Delta

TRI’s project in the Tana Delta, Kenya is working to strengthen integrated natural resource management and restoration of degraded landscapes in the Tana Delta, and systemically scale up best practices and lessons learned to other priority landscapes in Kenya.

Over the past decade, conflicts have been increasing in the Tana Delta over access to natural resources. A growing population and the lack of a framework to guide development and management of this fragile ecosystem have been the principle challenges. The Tana River Delta land-use plan, developed by villagers and local authorities in 2014 with help from Nature Kenya and other partners, is a major breakthrough towards sustainable development and management of the delta.

TRI’s project in Kenya builds on this plan and is developing value chains and encouraging private sector investment to support local livelihoods, while promoting adoption of participatory forest management approaches for sustainable forest management, supporting the application of emerging methodologies for evidence-based decision-making on restoration and advising on policies and strategies to sustainably manage the delta.

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TRI Kenya
The Restoration Initiative empowers woman with improved livelihood and business…

We feature the story of Amalie Mara Miyesa who gives an account of how her life transformed through her participation in The Restoration Initiave project in the Tana Delta region. 

TRI Kenya
Restoration businesses boost income and sustainable land management

Restoration-linked businesses contributing to improved household income and sustainable land management in the Tana River delta.