Membership benefits and possible areas of collaboration

Membership benefits


  • Sharing of experiences, challenges and best practices in MPA development, management, and enforcement to leverage our shared knowledge.
  • Building consistent and strong messages on the importance and benefits of effectively managed MPAs
  • Enhancing the ability of each agency to meet its domestic and/or international MPA mandates and commitments, and contribute to marine conservation on a global scale.
  • Identifying new opportunities to influence ocean management and create innovative approaches and results-based tools to help protect marine resources. 
School of Chub, Papahanaumokuakea, Hawaii   School of Chub, Papahanaumokuakea, Hawaii Photo: NOAA


Possible areas for collaboration


  • Collaboration and information sharing on management approaches to common threats like climate impacts,  ocean acidification, invasive species, coral disease, ship strikes, or fishing impacts 
  • Sharing approaches to the application of technology to MPA management
  • Sharing of best practices for tracking the emergence of new pressures and mitigation efforts
  • Sharing of scientific information
  • Promoting the development of MPA networks
  • Developing common messages regarding benefits of MPAs and management approaches
  • Sharing approaches to working with indigenous peoples