Mitigation measures to reduce impact of onshore wind power projects

The mitigation hierarchy provides developers with a logical framework to address the negative impacts of development on biodiversity and ecosystem services. It is applicable to projects in any sector, including renewable energy, and is based on the sequential and iterative application of four actions: avoid, minimise, restore and offset. There are several existing mitigation measures that can be applied across all the phases of an onshore wind power project.

The IUCN Mitigating biodiversity impacts associated with solar and wind energy development Guidelines for project developers details recommendations for addressing the impacts of onshore wind power projects on nature across four phases: project design, constructions, operational, and end-of-life.

Authors: L. Bennun, J. van Bochove, C. Ng, C. Fletcher, D. Wilson, N. Phair, G. Carbone

Date: 2021