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IUCN WCEL Briefing 1 of 6 for Plastics Treaty INC-2 Key Elements for Plastic Pollution Treaty

In United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) resolution 5/14 and subsequent discussions at INC-1, the issue of elements of the Plastic Pollution Treaty became quite important. Following INC-1, it is clear that the Plastic Pollution Treaty could benefit from many key elements developed throughout treaty practice, especially that of multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs).

This is Briefing 1 of 6 for INC-2. The issues raised by plastic pollution and potential State responses are highly complex, often quite technical, and may require nuanced responses that are not necessary in other treaty regimes. Examining standard concepts from treaty regimes and MEAs allows for negotiations to focus on the ways in which these distinctions can be accommodated and benefit from the strengths of international law and established practice.

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